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Inside you’ll discover just how important breastfeeding is for you and your baby, what it means to both of you, and why it is the best option.

This book will help you understand the amazing process of milk production, how to read important cues from your baby, and also discuss the problem of low milk production in moms including common causes and the best solutions.

New BONUS chapter; 30 Healthy Smoothies for Breastfeeding Mothers!

We all know during the nursing phase special attention needs to be paid to your health and to your diet. Whatever you eat during this period is crucial to your post-delivery recovery and will also directly affect the quantity and quality of your baby’s milk supply.

Inside this bonus chapter you’ll find nothing but healthy smoothie recipes full of wholesome foods that will improve your breastfeeding efforts without hurting your budget or your time.


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Bonny Collins - Plant Based Athlete, Published Author, Entrepreneur, Fitness Model

Hello beautiful breastfeeding Mums!

I’m writing you this message from my home in Thailand. As I sit on my balcony overlooking the lush green spread out before me I’m reminded of home and of the people that I love.

I was raised on a farm in Australia by my ‘Personal Trainer’ Mum and ‘Massage Therapist’ Dad, and from a young age they instilled in me the importance of good nutrition to overall health, a message that has been passed down in our family through four generations.

“Family is priceless. Their health is your wealth. Earn it.” – Spencer Cottee

In order for our family to be healthy we need knowledge. But the amount of information about breastfeeding is overwhelming. We’ve all experienced the same frustrations trying to find answers in the maze of websites, books, journals, YouTube videos and Facebook forums.

That’s why I wrote this book. I wrote it for you, I want to help translate the technical mumbo jumbo about breastfeeding into bite sized pieces that are easy to understand and practical to implement. I want you to be confident that you’re giving your baby a healthy start in life.

I’ve dedicated this book to my Great-Great-Great Cottee Grandfather. If I could speak to him I’d let him know that his passion for community, good health, and family values, continues to live on.


What Readers Are Saying About My Breastfeeding Book

Bonny’s book is very well written. The minute I started reading it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I have bought other breastfeeding books in the past but they’ve all lacked in detail. This book is clear and concise and offers much more information than I expected.

Tiffany Cervantes

Bonny – you have no idea how much you have helped me and how much time you have saved me. Your book answers so many questions about breastfeeding and your explanations are great! Thank you so much. Siobhan Frey

Your book was just what I was looking for: an easy guide to increasing lactation. I have looked for some time trying to find a good book about breastfeeding and haven’t had much success. Thank you. Laura Evans

As a registered midwife I can say that this book is invaluable for breastfeeding mothers looking for answers. Every nurse in my hospital now knows about Bonny’s book and what a great job it does teaching mothers about good practices. I highly recommend this book. Louise Harris